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NYSMA is dedicated to furthering the educational objectives, methods and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori in the State of New York by achieving the following goals:

  1. To speak with one, unified voice for Montessori education.

  2. To advance and protect the educational vision formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori in both private and public schools in the state.

  3. To support the administration of Montessori schools.

  4. To offer ongoing education and guidance to the Montessori community in New York State.

  5. To use its best efforts to ensure that all government entities within the State of New York understand and support the Montessori community’s mission.

  6. To keep the Montessori community informed of all actions and events that might affect the community’s ability to achieve its goals.

  7. To address issues of public policy that may affect education in general and, more specifically, Montessori education.

  8. To advocate for the recognition of Montessori Teacher Certifications across the state.

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August 25, 2023

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) recently published Substantial Equivalency Implementation Guidance intended to assist public and nonpublic school leaders in implementing the Regents Regulation, Part 130, on Substantial Equivalency.  Part 130 is intended to ensure that religious and independent schools are complying with NYSED’s requirements, part of which in effect, require instruction in nonpublic schools to be “substantially equivalent” to instruction in public schools. 


It is important to note that Part 130 does not require Montessori schools to have the same instruction as in public schools, especially considering that some instruction may be contrary to the Montessori method and values. 


To accompany the NYSED guidance and provide Montessori school leaders, staff, parents and community members with the context within which the regulation was adopted, the position of the NYSMA in the development of the regulation, and NYSMA’s perspectives on its implementation within Montessori schools in New York State, please see the attached letter with detailed information about:

  • Part 130 Background

  • Substantial Equivalency Pathway: AMS Accreditation

  • Moving Forward with Implementation

  • Potential Complaints

  • Updating the Guidance

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